The Reluctant Vegan

Recently I had to change my diet and become vegan in order to save my husband’s life. Overnight we had to give up many of our favourite foods and try to find new dishes to love.

I understand that eating plant foods helps our bodies to heal themselves. Plants provide the nutrients in the simplest way for our bodies to digest and utilize these nutrients for building cells and healing. Further, meat and dairy products are acid-forming in our digestive system, which is the environment that disease thrives in, so by avoiding them and focussing on plant based foods, you create an alkaline system which disease cannot survive in.

We had to make this change overnight, but you can choose to change your diet on your terms.

I have found a number of recipes that we can enjoy, which help us to embrace our new diet and miss meat and dairy a little less everyday.



Cabbage Rolls

Veggie Bake



Shepherd’s Pie

Bean Salad

Dark Chocolate Bar

I will continue to add new recipes and ideas as I find them.





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