Ebb and Flow

Lately it seems that I have less time to do the things that I want/need to do to stay on top of things. When this happens, life becomes frustrating – always feeling behind. In looking back over time, it appears to me that there are specific times of the year when things move along smoothly,…


LIfe is short.

Lately I’ve been stressing about buying a new house. I look around my house, and even though I love my house, all I can see is how we’ve outgrown it. Our lives have become so complex that we’ve filled every nook and cranny with stuff related to every aspect of our lives like we can’t…

Age is relative.

For parents, it seems that as your children grow up, each year goes by faster than the one before. Time appears to be speeding up, yet, in your child’s eyes, each year is truly like their whole life time… At some point, you will reach a date when your children become exactly half your age….