Reflect back – to move forward.

reflectA friend of mine passed away recently – he was found by his son with a crack pipe hanging out of his mouth.

I am reminded of Whitney Houston who also passed away recently and who was addicted to drugs, yet everyone loved her and she had everything to live for. Now, I know, I’m not her, and I couldn’t possibly know what was going on in her head or in her life, and in no way am I in any position to judge her or her actions. However, I can’t help but wonder how bad does life have to be to turn to the refuge of drugs, and turn away from your children, friends, family, and fans?

In the case of my friend, he had lost his wife and was feeling quite desparate and alone, but why would one give up? Why choose activities that are only designed to ruin or take away your life? Why not choose to dedicate yourself to helping others and making a difference in someone else’s life? Find a way to bring fulfillment to others? That should serve to bolster your own spirits and feel good about yourself. Making someone else smile is one of the best feelings in the world, that I can think of. Again, no judgement on my friend or his choices, but if you put yourself in another’s shoes and think about what they must be feeling in their circumstance, it helps you find perspective in your own situation.

If you think about how others handle their depths of despair, and feel that they may have overreacted, or wonder why that would make such extreme choices, perhaps it will help you to  find perspective in your own life by thinking through other choices that could have been made in a similar circumstance. This provides you with other ideas and develops other paths in your mind to help you make choices that may serve you better in the future if you should ever find youself in similar or related circumstances.

Maybe there is a small light shining on us from the other side? Maybe my friend is creating a miracle by trying to make me smile when I think about him, rather than cry for him.

Wishing you health and happiness,


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