Ebb and Flow

Lately it seems that I have less time to do the things that I want/need to do to stay on top of things. When this happens, life becomes frustrating – always feeling behind.
In looking back over time, it appears to me that there are specific times of the year when things move along smoothly, and times when things don’t seem to move along at all, in fact, sometimes it seems like I am sliding backwards. There seems to be a pattern to the ebb and flow of it. For example, I always seem to find that February is a particularly frustrating month…. I  spend all of January trying to catch up after Christmas, and then find that in February I still have to catch up with all that I had to do in January…  every year…. like clockwork…
Once I acknowledged that, I realized that instead of feeling defeated every February by trying to fight this phenomenon, I would rather embrace it. If there are times in the year that I recognize where I am simply struggling yet not moving forward, then I will relax and accept that I won’t get ahead at that time… Instead I would rather spend that time reflecting and preparing for the time when I will have the energy to follow through on my plans and move forward at a rapid speed. Ebb and flow… if I enjoy the rest period (ebb) then I should have the strength to embrace and run with the flow…. and get a lot done in the process.
Once I realized this, February didn’t seem so bad…
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